• PaveGro is a proprietary blend of expanded shale aggregates and a select soil produced by Trinity Lightweight.
  • The product is ideal for: Overflow Parking, Special Event Areas, Fire Lanes and Emergency Access as well as Maintenance Pathways.
  • This “green solution” means less hand labor and provides a deeper growing medium for healthier turf. Structurally stable and permeable, PaveGro™ provides more design flexibility with greater stormwater filtering.

PaveGro™ is your green solution for temporary overflow parking, fire lanes and special event areas. It's a custom blend of Trinity Lightweight expanded shale mixed with a suitable sandy clay loam. Depending on your soil conditions, this 6” profile may be laid over a 2" layer of stone and a thin geo-membrane. When lightly compacted, sodded and grown in, the turf will withstand the load bearing capacity of an 80,000 pound fire truck. It's currently being successfully used at universities, civic centers and stadiums.

PaveGro is a natural product designed to benefit the environment. It reduces the carbon footprint and replaces traditional paving with green space. It’s also a natural infiltration substance that helps filter runoff from nearby parking and turf areas. It's aesthetically pleasing, environmentally friendly and well suited for parking and tailgating activities. And if that weren't enough, it's easy to install with very little hand labor.

PaveGro is easy to install and extremely cost effective since it requires little hand labor. Workers lay a geogrid over a proof rolled and compacted subgrade to begin the process. The PaveGro is placed over the geogrid using 24 ton trucks. PaveGro is an excellent product for overflow parking and special event areas because it is natural, it resists compaction, cools the environment, and helps filter stormwater runoff.

PaveGro™ is a wholly owned trademark of Trinity Industries, Inc.

PaveGro Details

Overflow Parking & Event Areas
Fire Lanes & Emergency Access

PaveGro Considerations

  • Try to limit offsite drainage from entering PaveGro.
  • Avoid steep inclines and sharp turns- prevents turf damage.
  • PaveGro media must be fully charged with water before sod installation.
  • Sand backed sod preferable- reduced compaction, double the infiltration rate.
  • Good maintenance practices are critical.
  • Turf specified must be vigorous to heal minor scars from spinning of tires and/or sharp turns on saturated turf.
  • Not intended for everyday use.


14885 South Interstate 45
Streetman, Texas 75859



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Frazier Park, CA 93225



11728 Highway 93
Boulder, CO 80303



201 Industrial Street
Livingston, AL 35470



12652 Airline Hwy
Erwinville, LA 70729



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