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HydRocks® particles act like small sponges, full of small pores with internal storage. When the particles are exposed to water, moisture is absorbed into the internal storage sites. Unlike others, HydRocks does not break down and need to be reapplied year after year. HydRocks is a permanent solution.

HydRocks Reduces Water Usage

HydRocks® Soil Enhancement provides an excellent environment for healthy root structure. HydRocks retains as much as 35% of its weight in absorbed water and water-borne nutrients which are steadily released as the soil dries. These characteristics also help prevent soil cracking and crusting.

HydRocks Increases Plant Performance

The porous micro-surface texture and interior porous structure of HydRocks resist clogging and provide superior aeration that promotes growth of delicate, fine root systems. Problems of soil compaction are significantly reduced when HydRocks is properly proportioned within the soil. The soil remains resilient because moisture and air movement are not restricted. HydRocks provides the optimum conditions for fast, healthy plant growth.

Additional Benefits of HydRocks

  • HydRocks retains moisture during dry periods by holding as much as 35% of its weight in absorbed water and in return reducing water usage and runoff.
  • HydRocks provides adequate drainage by introduction of permanent pore spaces keeping moisture and air movement unrestricted and drains faster than sand removing excess water from the surface.
  • HydRocks provides increased nutrient holding capacity by increasing Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC).
  • HydRocks permanent soil structure will not degrade or compress eliminating the need to reapply. HydRock is a permanent solution.
  • HydRocks protects the environment by improving storm water filtration.
  • Hydrocks applications on heavily used turf areas reduces wear on turf by protecting the crown of the plants, reducing compaction and keeping air spaces for the rootzone.
  • Hydrocks provides optimum conditions for fast, healthy plant growth.

HydRocks® is a registered trademark of Trinity Lightweight, a Trinity Industries, Inc. company.

Biorention & Rain Gardens

Biorention & Rain Gardens

Low impact development techniques for managing stormwater rely heavily on bioretention areas and rain gardens. Hydrocks® allow for more efficient infiltration, less clogging of the media and greater water holding capacity.
Sports Fields & High Traffic Areas

Sports Fields & High Traffic Areas

Improperly developed soils for sports fields and highuse areas will struggle with issues from compacted turf. HydRocks® can be incorporated into the soils to improve agronomic conditions with added air/pore space at the root zone and less compaction.
Ammending Clay Soils

Ammending Clay Soils

When used at a rate of 25-30%, HydRocks® improve the infiltration of clay soils and promote deeper water and oxygen storage for healthier roots and plant materials. The environmental benefits are improved stormwater filtering, less runoff and less wasted irrigation. The beauty of HydRocks® is that they only require one application for permanent results.

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