Riverlite® Lightweight Aggregate is a Big Hit in Michigan

Improved product availability, stricter energy codes, and a growing demand for lightweight block alternatives pushes more project owners and builders to use Trinity’s Riverlite® in Michigan.

As stricter energy codes are introduced across the country, contractors and project owners in many states are facing an especially steep uphill battle. In Michigan, for example, the climate makes it difficult for users of single wythe masonry to comply with the new regulations. To overcome this obstacle, architects and engineers are specifying lightweight units with insulation applied during the construction process. “They also spec second-generation integral water repellant admixtures that work very well in conjunction with lightweight block,” said Jeff Speck of Trinity Lightweight.

As the lightest structural aggregate in North America, Riverlite® is used by companies in the construction, concrete, geotechnical engineering, and filtration industries. Now available in Michigan for concrete masonry production, Riverlite serves as a viable replacement for the slag that the state’s block producers have been using over the last few years. With slag in short supply and getting more expensive, producers are looking for more affordable options and finding what they’re looking for in Riverlite offered by Garick Corporation, the exclusive Riverlite distributor for Trinity Lightweight in the region.

Cost Effective Via Rail

Jamie Middleton, Garick Sales Representative, says the fact that Riverlite can be cost-effectively transported to Michigan via rail makes the aggregate even more attractive for users.

“We’d already been working on this arrangement when the issues with the slag began to surface, so Riverlite truly was in the right place and at the right time,” said Middleton. “Add the new energy codes and the lightweight nature of the product to the equation and it becomes a no-brainer for masonry contractors and project owners.”

Middleton said he’s working closely with users who relied on medium-weight block, but who are now open to testing out lighter-weight options made possible with Riverlite. “Now that this product is available in Michigan, it provides a much better option for builders who are unhappy with the way slag prices and availability are trending,” said Middleton, whose company is maintaining a healthy inventory of Riverlite in stock.

“With the competitive pricing – made possible by the fact that you need less of this product versus heavier-weight options – we see real potential for the lightweight masonry unit across Michigan and throughout other areas of the country.”


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