Trinity Lightweight Louisiana

In 2013, Trinity Lightweight's Erwinville, Louisiana facility underwent a $2-million upgrade to modernize the plant's shipping and load-out department.

Existing underground conveyor belts and electrical equipment running through an old-style metal tunnel were removed in just 15 days. Crews took out the old gear and tunnel, installed a modern concrete culvert and tested the upgraded machinery. “We’re proud to say this modernization is to paying off for our customers,” says plant manager Brian Dowden. “We can check the weight of a load more precisely, make sure the blending gradations are spot-on and just overall do a better job of getting our quality product into the hands of the people who need it,” he says.

Since 1954, this facility has been a part of the Pointe Coupee Parish community, mining clay and heating it to 2000 degrees in four rotary kilns. This process creates Riverlite®, an expanded clay lightweight aggregate that’s used to improve everything from concrete to backfill in road projects. The plant has the capacity to produce and ship over 750,000 cubic yards of product each year by truck, rail and barge. The recently upgraded plant can load a truck in less than half the time it used to take. The plant can also create more accurate product blends and gradations, better serving its customers.

Riverlite® expanded clay lightweight aggregate is produced to comply with the requirements of ASTM C330, Standard Specification for Lightweight Aggregates for Structural Concrete and ASTM C 331, Standard Specification for Lightweight Aggregates for Concrete Masonry Units. Its low unit weight permits the production of very low density concrete which incorporates low cost natural aggregates in combination with Riverlite®. In concrete masonry, the result is lightweight concrete masonry units with superior strength, texture, fire resistance, thermal performance and acoustical properties.

Riverlite® is a registered trademark of Trinity Lightweight, a Trinity Industries, Inc. company.

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