Lightweight Aggregate Used to Embed a Large Sewer Pipe

Trinity River

In Texas and many other parts of the country, existing sanitary sewer interceptors are often not sized appropriately to withstand peak flow rates, and in some situations, can't even handle average daily flows.

The Trinity River Authority enlisted the help of experts at Trinity Lightweight's Streetman, Texas facility, and other contractors to increase the sewer treatment capacity along the south and north sides of Interstate Highway 30 between Dallas and Grand Prairie, Texas.​

"One of the major reasons lightweight aggregate was used as the embedment material in this area was because of a high water table," says Trinity Lightweight's Jack Sinclair.

"This makes the area very unstable and susceptible to settlement. Normal weight material would have been too heavy and caused the pipe to sink out of plumb," he says.

Trinity River

The Streetman plant delivered and Oscar Renda Contracting placed approximately 27,000 cubic yards of lightweight aggregate (3/8 x #10). The material was used to backfill and embed 108-inch diameter sewer pipe used to reduce the flow through the existing MC-4B wastewater interceptor. The interceptor serves as a conduit to the Trinity River Authority's Central Water Reclamation Facility.

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